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Effects Of Lifestyle And The Environment On Fertility

Phthalates implicated in obesity epidemic
(23 January 2012)
The widely used chemicals known as phthalates, which have previously been linked to reproductive problems in men, appear to also play role in obesity...

Cash register receipts the new BPA bogeyman
(31 October 2011)
Cash register receipts have been found to contain relatively high levels of the plastic chemical bisphenol A (BPA), prompting experts to warn cashiers about exposure...

"Puzzling" findings from study into cell phones and sperm
(23 May 2011)
Researchers have described as "intriguing," their findings that cell phone use appears to raise testosterone levels while decreasing sperm quality...

New warning about pesticides' effects on male fertility
(23 March 2011)
A study in Europe found 2-in-10 young men have poor sperm quality because of exposure to pesticides in food...

Polygamy delivers evolutionary hiccup for Mormons
(28 February 2011)
Evolutionary sexual selection went lop-sided in the 19th century thanks to the Mormon practice of taking multiple wives...

Childhood diet affects adult fertility
(21 December 2010)
A new study shows that diet in early life can have a significant influence on fertility throughout adult life...

Exposure to plastics reduces semen quality
(1 November 2010)
Decreased sperm concentration, decreased total sperm count, decreased sperm vitality and decreased sperm motility result from contact with the common plastics chemical BPA...

Fertility problems blamed on evolution
(10 September 2009)
Israeli researchers say that thanks to evolutionary pressures, the bodies of men and women have become reproductive enemies, not reproductive partners...

Plastic drinking bottles found to release hormone disruptors
(2 June 2009)
The chemical BPA, which acts as an endocrine-disruptor that can trigger the early onset of puberty and decrease sperm production, has been found to leech from drinking bottles into the human body...

More evidence linking water pollution to sub-fertility
(19 January 2009)
New research that shows how testosterone-blocking chemicals are finding their way into waterways strengthens the link between water pollution and increasing male fertility problems...

Chemical exposure in womb impacts future fertility
(24 September 2008)
Exposure to sex hormones (like testosterone), or environmental pollutants that mimic hormones, has been found to significantly lower the sperm count and future fertility of a developing male fetus...

Booze Builds Better Sperm
(29 May 2008)
Researchers in the UK have found that men who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to have better semen quality...

Changes To Sperm DNA Could Be Cause Of Most Male Infertility
(13 December 2007)
Researchers speculate that exposure to chemicals as a fetus may lead to changes in sperm DNA that can cause infertility...

Mutated DNA In Sperm Can Cause Genetic Damage In Offspring
(3 June 2007)
Smoking can damage the DNA in a man's sperm and now researchers believe that the children of men who smoke could inherit genetic damage from their father's nicotine habit...

Mothers' Diet To Blame For Sons' Low Sperm Count?
(28 March 2007)
Growth hormones fed to cattle and subsequent high levels of beef consumption by pregnant women could be the reason for low sperm counts in male offspring...

Fertility Woes For Obese Couples
(8 March 2007)
European researchers have found that if both partners in a couple are overweight, they will have to wait considerably longer before successfully conceiving a child...

Hot Tubs, No Bubs
(5 March 2007)
Spending too much time in the hot tub can be a risk factor for male infertility...

Cell Phone Effect On Sperm Divides Experts
(26 October 2006)
A study into the effects of cell phones on sperm quality has divided fertility experts, with some questioning what the unusual results actually mean...

Fertility Plummets With Fatness
(4 September 2006)
For every 20 pounds of excess bodyweight that a man carries, there's a 10 percent increase in the likelihood of infertility...

Sperm Quality Affected By Nitric Oxide Levels
(22 June 2006)
Nitric oxide, the chemical that plays an essential role in penile erection and that is artificially elevated with erectile dysfunction drugs, also appears to adversely affect sperm quality at high levels...

Sperm Crippled In Heavy Smokers
(20 October 2005)
Two thirds of heavy smokers who took part in a fertility study had sperm whose quality was significantly below the standards needed to fertilize an egg...

More Questions On PCBs And Their Effect On Sperm And Male Fertility
(17 October 2005)
A European study has confirmed that some synthetic organic chemicals known as PCBs do indeed damage sperm, but the study also found that there were intriguing differences in how they affected the men involved...

Declining Sperm Quality Linked To Ozone Pollution
(6 October 2005)
Men living in areas of Los Angeles with high levels of environmental ozone pollution suffered from lower sperm quality...

New Warning On Plastics Ingredient
(14 July 2005)
While previous research has raised concerns about phthalates (chemicals used in common plastics) and their effect on the penis and male reproductive system, new research suggests that they may also be linked to the disease lupus...

New Evidence For Environmental Chemicals Damaging Sperm
(23 June 2005)
A new study suggests that combinations of chemicals found in everyday consumer products and foods have subtle, but potentially damaging, effects on sperm fertility...

Chemical In Plastic Medical Equipment Associated With Reproductive Problems
(13 June 2005)
A study of newborn male infants has found that contact with common medical equipment can increase their levels of phthalates - chemicals associated with disruption of the reproductive system and abnormal genitalia...

Obesity Hormone Linked To Penis Function
(9 May 2005)
A hormone normally associated with obesity also seems to play an important role in the manufacture of sperm and the maintenance of penile erection...

Stoned Sperm Impair Fertility
(16 October 2003)
Men who smoke marijuana frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total sperm count and their sperm behave abnormally...

Low Sperm Count Linked To Herbicides & Pesticides
(26 June 2003)
Following up on an earlier study that found lower sperm counts in rural areas, a new study has linked three agricultural chemicals to the problem...

Traffic Pollution Damages Male Fertility
(5 May 2003)
A study of tollgate attendants has demonstrated that traffic pollution damages the quality of sperm in men...

Common Industrial Chemical Linked To Infertility
(10 March 2003)
A widely used industrial chemical that is also present in ground water, has been found in the semen of infertile men...

Gulf War Chemicals Damage Sperm, Testes
(9 January 2003)
A combination of chemicals given to protect Gulf War soldiers against nerve gas may have inadvertently damaged their testes and sperm production...

Farm Chemical Use Linked To Sperm Quality
(12 December 2002)
New evidence shows that semen quality differs greatly between urban and rural regions and the use of agricultural chemicals may be a factor...

Smoking Damages Sperm DNA
(18 July 2002)
Scientists say that smoking alters the DNA of sperm and they believe this hampers the development of the fertilized embryo...

Environment Affecting Sperm Fertility
(4 July 2002)
Scientists have found the first evidence that oestrogens from the environment, and also ones that occur naturally in our bodies, significantly affect the fertilising ability of sperm...

Parental Smoking Linked To Fewer Male Children
(1 July 2002)
Researchers suggest that couples who smoke around the time of conception could have a reduced chance of conceiving male offspring...

Disposable Nappies Behind Increase In Male Infertility?
(9 May 2002)
Nappies lined with plastic significantly increase the temperature of the scrotum but a low temperature is critical for normal testicular development and sperm health...

Pollutants Lower Sperm Counts
(21 April 2002)
High ozone levels produced in the lower atmosphere the result of the release of pollutants seem to be linked to lower sperm counts and decreased sperm motility in otherwise healthy, fertile men...

Certain Foods Could Cause Testicular Cancer
(4 February 2002)
A compound called ochratoxin A which is found in cereals, pork products, milk and coffee may be a cause of testicular cancer in young men...

Effect Of PCBs On Sex Of Children
(29 January 2002)
Men with higher levels of PCBs in their bodies are more likely to father boys than girls and researchers say this is evidence of the effects environmental contaminants can have on the body...

Organic Solvents Linked To Low Sperm Count
(11 September 2001)
Printers and painters beware. Glycol ethers, known to adversely affect the reproductive systems of animals, appear to be hazardous for human male fertility as well...

New Syndrome Affecting Men's Reproductive Health
(10 July 2001)
Environmental factors are almost certainly to blame for a variety of men's health problems such as testicular cancer, poor sperm quality and abnormalities of the penis say researchers who have labelled these issues "TDS", or Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome...

Common Pesticide Reduces Testosterone Levels
(24 June 2001)
The common pesticide methoxychlor reduces testosterone production and could be a contributory factor in male infertility, scientists report...

Chemotherapy Creates Long Term Fertility Problems
(1 March 2001)
Chemotherapy drugs are known to produce fertility declines in adult cancer patients, but their long-term effect on children had not been well studied until now...

Sperm On Drugs
(13 December 2000)
New findings suggest that men and women who use marijuana could jeopardize fertility by overloading the natural cannabinoid signaling system that regulates sperm structure, vigor and fertility...

Sperm Counts Unchanged Over 50 Years
(8 August 2000)
Concerns over the effects of environmental toxins on male fertility appear unfounded with sperm counts identical to those in the '50's...

Marijuana May Alter Human Fertility
(24 July 2000)
It's been known that marijuana smoking has a drastic effect on sperm production. New findings suggest that THC in marijuana smoke may also affect sperm functions required for fertilization in the female reproductive tract...

Driving Can Make You Infertile
(23 June 2000)
Research by fertility experts has provided the strongest evidence yet to back up the hypothesis that long hours spent driving could be linked to infertility in men...

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