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Gene discovery points way to non-hormonal male contraceptive
(28 May 2012)
A new type of male contraceptive could be created based on the discovery of a key gene responsible for the development of sperm in the testes...

Vasectomy reversal improved with robotic help
(11 January 2010)
Urologists have used robot-assisted surgery to cut about 20 minutes off the average time for a vasectomy reversal while also delivering a quicker increase of sperm count...

Vasectomy Linked To Dementia
(14 February 2007)
An unusual form of dementia has been found to occur more frequently in men who have undergone a vasectomy...

Abnormal Sperm Result From Vasectomy Reversal
(26 June 2006)
Vasectomy was thought to be easily reversible, but researchers in Thailand found that men who had undergone vasectomy reversal had high levels of chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm...

Hormonal Male Contraceptive Passes Reversibility Test
(1 May 2006)
Researchers monitoring results from large scale trials of a male hormonal contraceptive have found that the contraceptive effect can be reversed after three months...

Implantable Spermicide Shows Promise
(24 April 2006)
A long-term, easily reversible male contraceptive that relies on a small chemical implant to disable sperm is now undergoing trials...

Vasectomy Not Related To Prostate Cancer Risk
(20 June 2002)
Contrary to earlier studies, a new study found that men who undergo vasectomies are no more likely to develop prostate cancer...

New Contraceptive Blocks Sperm And Germs
(6 January 2002)
Scientists are trialling a new type of contraceptive gel that is also designed to protect against sexually transmitted infections...

Estrogen May Lead to Male Contraceptive
(16 December 2001)
Researchers tapping into the estrogen pathway that regulates fertility in males have found two independent roles of the hormone, and they may have uncovered a new approach for developing a male contraceptive...

Male Contraception
(25 April 2000)
The discovery of a family of proteins which bind to human sperm may offer significant insights into male fertility and possibly even male contraception...

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