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Fertility And The Older Man

Tracking down sperm mutations
(2 November 2009)
A rare form of testicular tumor has serendipitously provided scientists with new insights into why certain diseases are more common in the children of older fathers...

Older dads: time is NOT on your side
(16 March 2009)
Australian researchers have uncovered more evidence that the older a dad is the more likely his children will have impaired cognitive abilities...

Older Sperm More Likely To Produce Bipolar Kids
(2 September 2008)
Age-related sperm abnormalities appear to be behind a statistically significant increase in the number of bipolar children born to older dads...

Male Fertility Declines Markedly After 35
(7 July 2008)
European researchers have found new evidence for the male biological clock, reporting that chances for successful conception decline significantly after a man reaches 35...

Aged Sperm Causing Pregnancies To Fail
(7 August 2006)
Pregnancies conceived with sperm from older men are more likely to end in miscarriage, regardless of the age of the mother...

Sperm DNA Damaged In Older Men
(8 June 2006)
The genetic quality of sperm gets worse as men get older; increasing a man's risk of being infertile, fathering unsuccessful pregnancies and passing along genetic diseases to his children...

Older Menís Sperm Often Damaged
(28 June 2005)
The sperm of older men can contain damaged DNA, which if used in IVF and ICSI procedures, can lead to the birth of unhealthy infants...

Mutated Sperm Better At Fertilization
(21 August 2003)
Disease-causing genetic mutations in older men's sperm appear to increase a sperm's chances of fertilizing an egg...

Older Sperm Behind Genetic Mutations
(24 April 2003)
Scientists explain why Apert syndrome - a genetic disease causing webbed fingers - is more common in children born to older fathers...

Semen Quality Declines With Age
(10 February 2003)
With each passing year, semen quality in adult men decreases, suggesting that age plays a greater role in male fertility than previously thought...

More Evidence For Male Biological Clock Revealed
(2 December 2002)
Scientists have discovered a cellular basis for what many have long believed: men, as well as women, have a reproductive clock that ticks down with age...

Sperm Mutations Increase With Men's Age
(21 October 2002)
Scientists may have discovered why genetic diseases are more common in children born to older fathers...

Older Fathers Risk Children With Schizophrenia
(18 April 2001)
While older women run a higher risk of having babies with birth defects, it has long been presumed that men could have healthy children at any age. Think again...

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