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31 August 2009
Obesity found to hinder erectile meds
by George Atkinson

Even with the use of erectile dysfunction (ED) medications, obese men may not able to achieve erections adequate for intercourse, according to an article in Obesity and Weight Management.

The researchers say the build-up of atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries of obese men can damage arterial linings and lower testosterone levels - both of which increase the risk of ED. Previous studies have shown that weight loss and increased physical activity can improve ED.

In the article, the researchers, from the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, describe a 48-year-old man with mild obesity (weight = 197 lbs, body mass index = 32.6 kg/m2 ) and hypertension who suffered from ED. Even with the use of common ED medications he was unable to achieve an erection adequate for intercourse.

But after dietary counseling, a 5 percent weight reduction, and medication to lower his blood pressure to within the normal range, the patient was able to achieve adequate erections with the use of ED medication as needed.

"The complicated interplay of weight and other health conditions relate to common medical symptoms, such as ED. Atherosclerosis can cause not only macrovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke, but also microvascular disease, of which ED is one example," concluded the researchers.

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Source: Obesity and Weight Management

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