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25 February 2007
Couch Potatoes Risk Dead-Dick Syndrome
by George Atkinson

The American Journal of Medicine carries news that erectile dysfunction is strongly associated with age and lack of physical activity. Additionally, the Johns Hopkins' researchers behind the study said there was an especially high prevalence of erectile dysfunction among men with hypertension and diabetes.

The researchers conducted the study to gauge the prevalence of erectile dysfunction amongst U.S. males and to determine possible associations of cardiovascular risk factors, including lack of physical activity. Worryingly, they found that around 18 percent of men 20 years and older experienced erectile dysfunction (defined as "sometimes able" or "never able" to get and keep an erection).

While oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction can help, the researchers suggest that lifestyle changes like increase of physical activity and stricter dietary control for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes may be a better option.

"The association between erectile dysfunction and lack of physical activity suggests that lifestyle changes, especially increasing exercise levels, may be effective [non-drug] treatments. The associations between erectile dysfunction and diabetes and other known cardiovascular risk factors should serve as powerful motivators for male patients for whom diet and lifestyle changes are needed," said Hopkins' researcher Elizabeth Selvin.

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Source: The American Journal of Medicine

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